Aural Violation – Is It Something We Can Ever Get Around?

We all know that the English language in its myriad of forms has single-handedly managed to become not just the most used, but also the most extensively abused mode of communication on the planet. Even so, it maintains a rather dignified stance, albeit while staring in sheer horror, at all that has accumulated vertically around and then above, its ‘golden roots’. I am quite certain of the fact that I am, by no stretch of imagination, the torchbearer for the benchmark in the use of the English language and have indeed, found my rather big feet in my mouth on more than one distasteful occasion. That being said, wouldn’t everyone agree that any language deserves to be shown some degree of respect, rather than be used to mop the never ending spill-over in a metaphorical verbal lavatory. No language should have to serve as an excuse to communicate by means of a series of random incomprehensible garbled noise that vaguely resemble the English language? Read on to find more.